Fabricated Metals Manufacturers

Metal Fabrication Manufacturers are turning to ERP software like Epicor to overcome the challenges they face regarding new production methods. The impact of Industry 4.0, material price volatility, and the cost of raw materials have directly impacted profitability. Furthermore, decreasing profit margins due to global competition and trade policies threaten the success of fabricated metals manufacturers. As products become more complex and shorter lead times are demanded, its crucial for manufacturers to eliminate redundant processes and increase the efficiency of plant floor operations.

CompuData’s innovative ERP software, Epicor, enables metal fabrication manufacturers to:

  • Deliver goods that meet customer demand and exceed compliance and traceability requirements from raw material to finished product
  • Reduce or eliminate reactive equipment maintenance with automatic real-time production monitoring
  • Gain greater insight and visibility between plant and front office operations both locally and globally
  • Control costs of labor, material and subcontract on a job by job basis.
  • Utilize embedded MES, APS, SRM, end-to-end integration as well as SOA flexibility

CompuData’s solution, Epicor ERP, is an end-to-end solution that enables fabricated metal manufacturers to manage customer relationships, plan production and deliver custom products. Our dimensional inventory management and reporting dashboards make it easy to access information at any time and gain complete visibility into daily operations. Lastly, with our solution, you can transform your business with automation tools to achieve operational excellence.