Furniture and Fixtures manufacturers worldwide are challenged with increased global pressure for rapid manufacturing and distribution of products. As the industry experiences significant growth, today’s furniture and fixtures businesses must not only keep up with demand but must also offer expanded product lines and custom options to ensure profitability. Price sensitivity, volatile raw material costs and customer demands put pressure on furniture and fixtures manufacturers causing them to re-engineer the entire business process from warehouse to top floor. Today’s manufacturers must offer a wide variety of materials, colors, finishes, fabrics, and product options to their customers in order to maintain their competitive edge. In addition to customization options, leading manufacturers are relying on ERP software to optimize their operations and maximize their margins.

Designed specifically for furniture and fixtures manufacturers, our furniture software solution provides:

  • Real-time order entry of style, fabric, color, finish, etc.
  • Streamlined order processing while improving accuracy with a rules-based product configuration
  • Full visibility of available material, shipping schedules and lead times for better accuracy in determining promise dates
  • Waste reduction through stronger cost control, lean methodologies and management of key cost elements

CompuData can drive your furniture and fixtures organization forward with Epicor ERP and Epicor Cloud ERP software solutions. Epicor was designed to help Fixture and Furniture manufacturers gain greater visibility and control of their warehouse and plant floor operations. With greater visibility comes greater insight to make more strategic decisions that will maximize profitability. From sales to procurement to customer service, our end-to-end solution can transform every aspect of your manufacturing business.