As an industrial machinery manufacturer, you must identify, consider, and respond to a new set of challenges each day. Operating in the industrial machinery industry, manufacturers use ERP software to plan for demand cycles. With proper planning, manufacturing are able to ensure the availability of materials at low costs. Furthermore, meeting the demands of customers is crucial in leveraging  multi-level pricing to enhance customer satisfaction.

Powerful ERP software allows industrial machinery manufacturers to:

  • Improve production management, review and update production plan as demand changes across your multi-site and global operations
  • Track detailed cost estimates and capture actual costs throughout the life of the contract or project
  • Control complex designs and specifications and minimize the impact of engineering changes with Product Life Cycle Management tools
  • Utilize support for engineer-to-order and mixed mode manufacturing to enhance customer satisfaction

CompuData’s solution enables manufacturers to easily manage complex engineering requirements and meet the demand for innovation in the marketplace. Our ERP solution was designed for industrial machinery manufacturers and offers integrated product life cycle management that ensures production efficiency by helping you control design specifications and engineering changes. With Epicor, experience heightened support for lean manufacturing and robust automation tools to streamline business processes.