Measuring Device Manufacturers

Measuring Devices manufacturers operate in a fast-paced industry with complex supply chains and strict regulatory requirements. Facing a competitive environment, measuring device manufacturers often rely on Epicor ERP software solutions to provide operations management and extensive after-sales support for customers. In addition, manufacturers utilize technology to adhere to strict quality requirements in order to remain successful.

CompuData’s solution, Epicor ERP, for measuring device manufacturers provides:

  • Embedded robust quality management to support stringent regulatory requirements
  • Support for engineer-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing
  • Ability to predict trends and translate them in manufacturing lines
  • Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) for complex engineering and product control
  • Support for multi-site, multi-plant and global operations

CompuData’s ERP solution is specifically designed to cater to the needs of measuring device manufacturers. Our solution has core capabilities to help to reduce operating costs and streamline business processes. Measuring device manufacturers can leverage Epicor to accurately predict trends in customer demand to eliminate waste in the production process. Furthermore, Epicor’s focus on lean production enables measuring device manufacturers to deliver greater flexibility, reduced lead times, and lower costs for their customers.