Rubber and Plastics Manufacturers

The rubber and plastics industry is quickly becoming more advanced as demand for improved quality, pricing and efficiency increases. Feeling the impact of disruptive technologies like 3D Printing, rubber and plastics manufacturers are seeking new ways to provide value through their service offerings like assembly or packaging. In this industry, manufacturers face challenges with seasonal and economic demand. This makes demand forecasting a must-have in order to run production operations effectively. To overcome these challenges, today’s leading rubber and plastics manufacturers are utilizing ERP software like Epicor ERP to enhance their production process.

With CompuData’s software solution, Epicor ERP, rubber and plastics manufacturers are able to:

  • Adjust production volumes according to demand change and generate suggested POs to fill gaps in raw material inventory
  • Tighten delivery schedules, manage raw materials and reduce excess inventory
  • Create accurate demand forecasting models and establish parts and materials requirements based on expected production
  • Manage the design, prototype, and build of complex products to address new customer requirements

CompuData leverages business technology through Epicor for Rubber and Plastics manufacturers. Additionally, our solution provides support to manufacturers that focus on injection molding, thermal forming and other unique techniques. Our software solution provides manufacturers with the capabilities to manage raw materials, tighten delivery schedules, and maximize production efficiency to ultimately increase profitability.