membership and association nonprofit

Membership organizations and Associations are always searching for better ways to deliver value to membership bases. Why? Greater membership satisfaction equals greater association and membership growth – it also makes stakeholders very happy. Sage Intacct accounting software for membership organization and associations leverages automation to give these nonprofits more time to focus on their members. We know how important it is to put members first and so we provide them with full access to your organization to enhance commitment.

With CompuData’s accounting software solution, Associations and Membership Organizations can:

  • Seamlessly manage membership dues and renewals through the member portal, accessible directly from emails and the web
  • Manage multiple funds in one place and ensure compliance with reporting guidelines
  • Connect with members on any device at any time to strengthen relationships, enhance satisfaction, and increase retention
  • Gain complete visibility into the organization and easily report to multiple stakeholders within minutes

Membership organizations  and associations can leverage Sage Intacct accounting software to automates processes, strengthen internal controls, increase real-time visibility. Our cloud-based accounting software allows you to eliminate silos and operate as one organization to enable continuous growth and improvement. Additionally, with greater control your organization can make strategic decisions in order to boost member engagement and retention.