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Professional Services

Professional services organizations typically spend hours tediously entering data and patching together countless spreadsheets that slows down your business operations and leaves room for mistakes. Managing multiple entities at multiple locations and makes reporting even more challenging. Professional services organizations can leverage business technology solutions and accounting software like Sage Intacct to unify their disparate practices into one centralized process to save time and money. Whether you are working on projects that require a limited budget or have a tight timeline, you need to be able to deliver a project that meets your client’s needs.

Professional Services Project Manager Dashboard Sage Intacct ScreensProfessional services organizations can leverage CompuData’s accounting software solution to:

  • Break down silos by providing instant and seamless communication between business units and customer segments
  • Automate back office processes, reduce headcount, and save thousands of dollars annually
  • Track project costs, expedite time-and-expense processes and accelerate project billing
  • Manage multiple entities and global consolidations to manage financials for multiple locations and business entities across industries.

Professional Services Executive Dashboard Sage Intacct Screens

As the AICPA’s only preferred provider of cloud financials, Sage Intacct helps professional service organizations seamlessly manage projects and automate project accounting. Our financial management solution helps professional services firms take advantage of automated revenue management for real-time reporting and operational transparency, putting valuable time back into your workday. With our accounting solution, you can eliminate the hassle of manual reporting and focus on growing your business.

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IT Security

IT Security

Professional services organizations often possess valuable information including mergers and acquisitions, tax information and key intellectual property for both clients and the firm itself. At CompuData, we understand how crucial it is for the organization to educate employees on cyber risks and have a security program in place to reduce the risk of an attack. Discover how our comprehensive security offering can protect your assets and ensure confidential information stays that way.

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Managed IT, Cloud Business Technology, Remote Workforce, Mobile Workforce
Managed IT

Managed IT

Professional services organizations can take advantage of IT monitoring, proactive security alerting, and vCIO services just a name a few of the solutions CompuData has to offer. Let us help you develop a strategic road map for your business and design plans to promote growth and streamline operations.

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