digital marketing and advertising agencies

Digital marketing and advertising agencies must monitor expenses very carefully as they navigate creative campaigns. Campaigns are loaded with market research, online analytics and layered tasks from website development to graphic design to email marketing. In order to be successful, agencies must leverage financial management solutions to price projects accurately. Marketing and advertising agencies are relying on Sage Intacct accounting software to accurately price projects to  to ensure a return every time.

CompuData’s accounting for marketing agencies provides capabilities that include:

  • Minimizing administrative tasks while gaining valuable insights to improve realization rates, project profitability, and client satisfaction
  • Calculate all costs associated with a project from start to finish-even spanning years
  • Collaborate across projects or clients and track progress in real-time
  • Analyze campaign data across clients to make more effective business decisions

CompuData’s financial management solution, Sage Intacct, allows digital marketing and advertising agencies save money and resources, automate processes, strengthen internal controls and create organizational intelligence with real-time data. With customized dashboards, you can gain visibility into your entire agency across clients, campaigns and projects. Furthermore, your agencies has full visibility into your real-time revenue projections broken down by employee. Our financial management solution enables marketing agencies to optimally align their staff to deliver projects on time, increase customer satisfaction and maintain their creative culture.