In today’s evolving world of technology, as a small or medium-sized organization, it is important that your IT partner helps your organization to create a strategic IT checklist to map out your future business goals. Many organizations worry that a Managed Service Provider (MSP) will take over their internal IT department, but that is not the case. According to a study from SysGroup, only 6% of companies that hired an MSP eliminated their in-house IT Team. Instead, an MSP is more like an IT partner that complements your existing IT department and provides supplemental support in the areas where you are looking to grow. From providing 24/7 IT service desk support, vCIO services, and IT security help, your IT partner will help further your company’s growth. By working with an MSP, your business can focus on future success and sustainability with a proactive organization IT strategy. Below we will discuss 3 areas your internal IT department and MSP can work together to ensure your organization’s success:  

Provide General Break/Fix Support

 If your organization has someone in an IT role that provides IT management or growth, they should not be spending their time on mundane or repetitive tasks. That’s where an IT partner would come in and complement your team, providing general break/fix support. With 24/7 IT Service Desk support from an MSP, your IT department can devote their resources focusing on big picture strategies and future projects. 

Complementing Executive Team for Strategic Growth Strategy

An MSP should provide your organization with an IT checklist to ensure you are up to date with evolving technologies, security monitoring, and IT skillsets. Along with this strategic approach, your IT partner can provide industry experts to help you focus on the big picture concepts and future growth of your organization. Also known as a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), the individuals work with your current department to help set strategic business goals and create a roadmap for the organization’s IT strategy in the future. By taking this proactive approach and working with industry experts, your organization gains a competitive advantage. 

MSP That Provides IT Security Help and Expertise 

With the security landscape constantly changing and cybercrime on the rise, protecting your organization’s information is more important than ever. According to A Cyber Risk Alliance Resource, more than half of all cyberattacks are committed against small and medium sized businesses. By incorporating third-party IT security help from an IT partner with security expertise, you are minimizing the chances of cyber-attacks against your organization. A reliable MSP will implement an IT checklist of proactive security techniques to help prevent these attacks, limiting threats before they become detrimental to your business. By having an extra set of eyes that understand the IT security space best, you are helping to ensure your customers and organizations security.  

Partnering with an MSP allows your organization’s IT department to focus on what they do best while allowing the MSP to alleviate other tasks. CompuData as a Managed Service Provider can complement your IT team by working together to create an IT checklist and organization IT strategy. From constant IT service desk support to strategic IT planning and IT security help; you are investing in your organization’s future success.

CompuData, a Philadelphia IT Partner, provides best-in-class IT solutions to help your organization succeed. To learn more about our MSP and vCIO services as well as how we can help you develop an IT strategy to fulfill your business needs, visit here.

Author: Taylor Carter

Taylor is the Marketing Manager at CBIZ CompuData. She graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with her degree in public relations and a minor in business administration. Taylor has a passion for writing and helping others share their story.