3 Ways to Optimize your IT Spend in 2023

Comprehensive Microsoft Azure managed cloud services provide you with a detailed assessment of workloads, applications, network and infrastructure to help you plan for a cloud environment that matches your organization’s requirements. Strengthen your infrastructure with a focus on the cloud. Restructure and remove legacy systems to a secure and accessible environment to support business continuity.

Managed Cloud Services from consulting, operations, migration, security, and enterprise resource planning. Leverage cloud management services that define optimal operations framework for continuous delivery across private, public, or hybrid cloud models. Access a team of experienced application developers and engineers to create the optimal cloud experience for a wide range of cloud applications with deep industry expertise in compliance-regulated industries. 

CompuData is a Microsoft Gold Partner providing Managed Cloud Services including: testing, deploying, managing and supporting your applications, resources, and desktops in a trusted cloud environment that brings business continuity to your infrastructure. Navigate from your existing server configuration to the scalable, functional and reliable power of the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud. 

Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure Managed Cloud Support & Security 

CompuData Microsoft Azure Managed Cloud Security & Support Services are testing, deploying, managing, and supporting your applications and resources in a trusted cloud environment that brings innovation to your infrastructure. Navigate from your existing server configuration to the scalable, functional, and reliable power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

  • Security in Microsoft Azure: Protect and monitor your cloud from a single console. Secure remote access with single sign-on and Best-in-Class threat protection for all your workloads. 
  • Managed Cloud Services:  A wide range including compute, analytics, storage, networking, and support to unify your cloud infrastructure. 
  • Maximize Your Microsoft Services: Transform user experience with video, voice calling, SMS, and chat APIs. 
  • Infrastructure Hosting: DNS servers; Windows Server services, or third-party applications. 
  • Application Hosting: Develop and scale new applications or run existing applications. 
  • Platform Hosting: Host databases in the cloud. 
  • Storage Hosting: Archive long-term data retention requirements. 

The Public Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure offers different forms of cloud computing: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), software as a service (SaaS) and serverless to help organizations manage business challenges and meet organizational goals. The wide range of services in cloud computing with Azure provides flexibility, accessibility and preferred technology tools tailored to meet organizational needs while offering an exceptional user experience.