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Finally, a CRM That Everyone In Your Organization Loves.

Sales. Marketing. Customer Service. IT. Working in Unison.

A CRM Built for The Mobile Sales Team

Manage all actions and activities via an intuitive, interactive dashboard that allows you to see opportunities, pipeline, calendar, tasks, and network opportunities from Linkedin. With the easy-to-use analytical features, you can quickly identify un tapped sales opportunities to continuously keep your sales funnel full by implementing strategies such as; cross-selling and up-selling.

Increase Sales With Sage CRM Through:


Workflow Automation: Communicate in real-time and free up time spent on repetitive manual tasks.


Sales Pipeline Transparency: Improve transparency by getting an instant 360 view of all sales processes.


Improved Win/Loss Ratio: With Sage CRM you are equipped with the ability to shorten sales cycles and convert prospects to customers quickly.

Improved Marketing Response Rate: Quickly analyze campaign results to improve response rates.

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See Real-Time Marketing Results

Sage CRM empowers your marketing team to plan, execute, monitor and measure marketing campaign results as it happens—no need to wait. With Sage CRM you can develop a deep understanding of your target audience’s needs to help create targeted marketing efforts that transform prospects into qualified leads and then, into customers. All within the same interface.

Get Sales and Marketing on The Same Page With:

Effective Marketing Budget Management:  Spend your marketing dollars where it matters the most.

Instant Marketing Intelligence:  Monitor marketing KPIs in real-time for effective decision making.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction With Sage CRM

Increase Customer Brand Loyalty

What’s better than increasing sales on a consistent basis? Retaining those customers to create a recurring revenue stream by increasing customer satisfaction. With happy customers, you can transform your customers into brand enthusiasts who not only continue to make purchases but also continue to spread the word about your business. With Sage CRM you can create a win-win relationship with your customers with quick access to customer information, support ticket cases for everyone in your organization from service agents to top-level management.


Increase Support Productivity:  With the interactive Sage CRM dashboard, support agents can gain access to customer cases in accordance with service level agreements (SLA), updated in real-time as cases are handled to avoid duplication of efforts.


Benchmarking/Score Carding of Customer Service Operations:  Utilize the highly visual reports and graphical charts of Sage CRM to analyze critical customer support information such as call volume, case resolution times, and communication follow-up statistics to improve performance.


Reduce the number of Backlogged Queries: With a full service booking history of callers, quick case research access and reduction of duplicate efforts, customer support cases can be handled swiftly to improve customer satisfaction.

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Flexible Deployment Methods:
On-Premise, On-Demand or Cloud.

Sage CRM is built with the flexibility that you need to fit your current organization and/or industry requirements all the while ensuring data security. With Sage CRM you have the ability to choose between different deployment methods such as on-premise, on-demand or cloud. No matter the option that you choose the web-based CRM infrastructure allows all team members to access information on the go without burdening IT staff. And with the Sage CRM flexible out-of-the-box customizations you have the ability to quickly set up automated workflows that improve productivity.

Benefits of Sage CRM for IT Management Include:


Easy Out-of-The-Box Configurations:
Sage CRM is equiped with inituitive drag and drop customization options that require little to no coding.


Data Security:
Your critical organization and customer data from Sage CRM is maintained in a secure world-class, SAS70 certified data center for web deployments.


Integration With Sage ERP: Extend the functionalities of your current Sage ERP systems by extending visibility from financials to an overall holistic view of operations, sales, marketing among others.

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