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Epicor ERP is a revolutionary ERP software designed to help your business operate at its full potential. Designed for small to mid-sized manufacturers, this premiere solution comes with tactical modules targeting areas of your business to maximize productivity and inspire growth. Whether it’s distribution or manufacturing, Epicor ERP presents built-in solutions for all each customizable to fit your business needs.

Take control of your business with Epicor 10, the latest version of Epicor ERP with a newly-designed dashboard and extra features to keep you ahead in your industry. Epicor’s ERP solution is fully adaptable to your business or manufacturers’ needs. See how Epicor ERP can help your business.
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epicor erp software

Product Features

Experience an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution Focused on Your Industry

Improve the Financial Health of your Business

Epicor ERP provides a simplified accounting solution with an array of financial management tools designed to streamline all your financial transactions into one system. It automates business processes to reduce the time and effort it takes to manually enter various accounting entries.

Features of Epicor ERP for financial management include:

  • Fully integrated financial management application suite
    (General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Fixed Assets, Consolidations and Eliminations, Multi-currency, Tax Connect)
  • Advanced allocations
  • Configurable posting rules with automated multiple books functionality
  • Reporting tools to measure financial performance

Improve your Customer Experience

Epicor ERP sales management automates sales force processes to improve prospect to customer conversion ratios for an increase in revenue. The comprehensive sales force automation aid improves customer communication with access to accurate information all the time. Eliminate manual sales processes and build lasting profitable client relationships with Epicor ERP sales managment.

Features of Epicor ERP for Sales Management Include: 

  • Generate accurate estimates
  • Import data and work orders
  • Forecast incoming demand with EDI
  • Review and manage complex sales requirements
  • eCommerce platform

Create a Streamlined Inventory Management System

Distribution, production, and inventory are key areas of your business. Epicor ERP features a comprehensive inventory management system to significantly increase inventory turnaround time and improve your bottom line. The built-in features of Epicor ERP target all areas of the supply chain, from the supplier to the customer.

Features of Epicor ERP for supply chain and production include:

  • Seamlessly submit, view, and track order entries
  • Track supplier performance and inventory levels
  • Linked warehouse management tool with order and manufacturing processing
  • Quickly capture and move inventory when needed
  • Planning and costing tools to identify better opportunities
  • Integrated MES system for online visibility

Make Smarter Decisions

Epicor ERP customer relationship management (CRM) takes a 360 degree approach to your business relationship life-cycle. Gain visibility to all aspects of your business. Nurture leads into customers, improve businesses processes and improve customer satisfaction all at once.

Epicor ERP CRM Features include:

  • Manage customer information anywhere
  • Order and Sales tracking
  • Fully-customizable monitoring for all customers and suppliers
  • Embedded end-to-end CRM processes
 Epicor ERP cloud hosting

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Access the data you need Online and Offline, Anywhere. 

With a simple monthly subscription, you can decrease your IT infrastructure costs. CompuData Cloud ERP hosting gives you the flexibility and functionality similiar to an on-premise solution. With CompuData Cloud, you have access to a reliable, secure, and affordable cloud serevice with guaranteed uptime. Enjoy scalable, storage solutions that fit your unique business needs. Deploy your Epicor ERP on your own terms either hybrid or fully in the cloud. You choose.

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