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Epicor Human Capital Management (HCM)

The flexible software that manages your whole workforce and enhances employee satisfaction

Epicor HCM streamlines your organization’s HR processes by creating a central repository for tracking and managing all of  your employee information. Designed with increased efficiency in mind, Epicor HCM features paperless workflows for staffing and handling various administrative tasks that strengthen your workforce. Available as an on-premise solution or SaaS (Software as a service) Epicor HCM is a robust human resource and employee development software that will help you exceed your human capital management needs.

Epicor’s HCM solution is fully adaptable to your business needs. Schedule a demo below to see how Epicor HCM can help you create a streamline HR management system.

Product Features

Solutions for areas of your business that matter the most.

Strong HR Functionality

Epicor HCM goes above and beyond your basic HR functions by tackling more complex initiatives to create a strong foundation for your business. Fully customizable to your specific business’ needs.

Core HR functionalities of Epicor HCM include:

  • Tracking and management of employee data
  • Health, safety, and benefits administration
  • Competency management
  • Salary planning
  • 250+ standard reports with drill-down capabilities (includes analytics)

Improve Your Performance Process

Epicor HCM understands the importance performance management has on the success of your organization’s vision. The 360-degree review implemented for performance management facilitates the process of monitoring employee performances. Epicor provides complex tools that analyze and show employee’s performance from past reviews to disciplinary history and past training/development. By utilizing the performance management tools With Epicor HCM, your workforce can better manage its strategic initiatives and goals.

Features of Epicor HCM include:

  • Traditional and 360-degree reviews
  • Online, paperless platform
  • View complete performance history
  • Cascading goals

Reduce Turnover Costs, Increase Productivity

Epicor HCM provides modules dedicated to training and development for your organization’s employees. With Epicor HCM, employees will be able to see which training classes are available and register/obtain approval within the system electronically. This module provides a comprehensive training history on each employee for full visibility on any employee’s skills and abilities.

Features of Epicor HCM Training and Development module includes:

  • Manage courses and sessions
  • View enrollment and completion status
  • Comprehensive training history
  • Integration with core HR


Using Epicor HCM in the Cloud

Time-Critical Data Access On The Go.

Manage your workforce whenever, online and offline with iSySair’s virtual cloud. With a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% and premiere disaster recovery, we ensure that your employee data is protected 24/7 and that your central repository is always up and running. Significantly lower your IT infrastructure costs by letting iSySair host your Epicor HCM application, leaving you worry-free.

Available on-premise, SaaS, or privately on the cloud. Learn more about iSySair’s cloud services by clicking below.

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