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Sage 500 ERP (formerly known as Sage ERP MAS 500)  is a complete systems management platform for your enterprise designed to streamline operations and boost your bottom line. Fully customizable to your enterprise needs, Sage 500 ERP leverages its suite of business solutions to tackle your daily operations. With easy integration that’s scaleable and customizable, Sage 500 ERP delivers increased user productivity while lowering IT infrastructure costs.

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Create Unlimited Possbilities for All Areas of Your Business.

Better Business Insight

Sage 500 ERP financial solution puts you at the helm of your financial data. The financial modules provide you with the power and flexibility for improved strategic insight and critical information to make more informed business decisions. Financial solutions for Sage 500 ERP include:

  • Export report data to external files (PDF, Excel, Doc, etc..)
  • Allocate and consolidate budget plans
  • Drill-down and drill-around capabilities
  • Flexible monitoring and data analysis
  • Flexible cash management with module integration
  • Batch and deposit processing

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Productivity

Sage 500 ERP sales solution focuses on maximizing productivity and increasing customer satisfaction by streamlining the business processes key to your delivering your product to your customer. The power of the sales tools Sage provides is designed to set up, maintain, and analyze the sales process to help you make better business decisions. Sales solution for Sage 500 ERP include:

  • Access customer information anytime, anywhere
  • Fully-customizable sales functions (discounts, credits, taxes, etc..)
  • Automatically connect to merchant accounts for credit card authorizations
  • Set-up, maintain, and close blanket orders
  • Analyze and monitor sales order data

Streamlining Inventory Controls and Distribution Processes

Sage 500 ERP enterprise solution for distribution enables you to manage your inventory levels more effectively to maximize productivity. By streamlining business processes in the supply chain, productivity time on manual tasks are significantly reduced leaving room for bigger and better things, such as Sage’s forecasting analysis software that analyzes current inventory to determine the investment required to reach demand. Solution to distribution for Sage 500 ERP includes:

  • Receive and ship orders during inventory cycle counting
  • Process and track inventory orders
  • Analyze and monitor supply data
  • Automatic backflush

Improved Supply Chain, Management Warehouse Capabilities

Sage 500 ERP solution for supply management puts you in full control of the supply chain process. Sage’s warehouse management capabilities ensures that your business is running to maximum capability by controlling and tracking production costs. Designed by supply chain experts to meet the needs of the distribution industry, Sage’s solution for supply management enables you to manage your warehouse and inventory levels effectively. Solution for supply management with Sage 500 ERP includes:

  • Set up multiple price lists
  • Specify price breaks and choose costing methods
  • Receive and ship orders during inventory cycling
  • Track, analyze, and process all transaction orders
  • Advanced bin management for stock and inventory
  • Wave and zone picking
  • Analyze and monitor warehouse management data
  • Automatic backflush

Better Information, Smarter Choices

Sage 500 ERP solution for reporting provides you with all the information you need to put your business ahead. Whether it’s analytics and data for inventory or sales, Sage has the financial tools needed for making business executive decisions. Solution for reporting with Sage 500 ERP includes:

  • Real-time information displayed in summary or detail
  • Organize and analyze data based on filters or groups
  • Ability to format utilizing PivotTables
  • Fully customizable configurations
  • Quickly assess business state via dashboard
  • Consolidates critical information
  • Summaries and detailed views of sales
  • Define and track KPI’s (key performance indexes)

Streamlining Manufacturing Processes

Sage 500 ERP solution for manufacturing provides close insight into your enterprise, giving you full visibility.  Fully customizable based upon your unique manufacturing needs, Sage provides a portal for work orders, product reporting, and accurate labor tracking. Manufacturing solution with Sage 500 ERP includes:

  • Manage all work orders seamlessly
  • Ability to track shipment of parts and activities
  • Instant visibility of bill of materials
  • Accurate job costing
  • Consolidated MRP (Material Requirements Planning)
  • Fully-customizable estimates (based off real-time prices and materials)

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Sage 500 Customer Spotlight:

“Sage 500 really meets our needs from a contract perspective and, as an accounting system, it allows for more flexibility for a company of our size.”

– ImpactRX

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