Accounting firms are often tasked with maximizing profitability and providing high-value strategic support to multiple clients. In order to fulfill these objectives, accounting firms must leverage robust financial management solutions. Our ERP solution helps accounting firms save time and resources, while simultaneously reducing manual tasks and spreadsheet dependency.

Preferred by accountants and CPA firms, our solution will allow you to:

  • Manage multi-entities and reduce errors by automating multi-entity consolidation
  • Maximize your staff’s time and effectiveness by automating financial processes
  • Collect and analyze data related to all accounting and financial processes
  • Automate the bulk of customer service management to increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve financial management with real-time reporting and customized dashboards

Our ERP solution for accounting firms maximizes your organization’s capabilities by providing improved efficiency, accuracy and productivity to your firm’s operations. CompuData helps accountants gain real-time business intelligence to empower clients to make smarter, faster decisions. Our solution helps to increase mobility and collaboration with clients which in turn, increases overall satisfaction and allows your firm to build long-lasting, meaningful relationships.