From mainframes to cloud computing, CompuData Cloud evolving and is taking a look at what the future of work can be. Using Citrix Workspace with Intelligence, CompuData plans to deliver a unified solution that meets users where they are to promote productivity and ease of use.

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At CompuData’s inception in 1971, our primary product offering was specialized mainframe computing and software. We offered timeshares of massive computing engines to process accounting data for hundreds of clients. These customized processing engines and reports were based on a customer’s specific business requirements and provided them with specialized computer resources on-demand; offering a customized solution at a much lower price point.

When the trend shifted from mainframe timeshares to cloud computing, CompuData saw that this was the future. We built our private cloud environment with the intent of servicing clients by hosting the on-premise business applications we supported. Just as expected, cloud computing took off and began solving many problems for today’s modern business. Remote workforces can now access business applications from anywhere. IT maintenance needs decrease so business owners can focus on improving their business, rather than day to day IT headaches.

Being experts in ERP and accounting software applications, CompuData has been developing, customizing, and supporting Financial Management and ERP solutions since its early days. Specializing in the manufacturing and distribution industries for much of its time, we understand our client’s day-to-day workflows and the struggles they face. With developers on staff, we have been able to streamline our clients’ workflows. Still, remote connectivity remained an issue before our hosting practice. Now, we can provide application support, development, and integration services, as well as offering road warriors and field technicians with the ability to access their mission-critical applications remotely and securely. This also opened the doors for us to expand into other industries such as financial services, professional services, SaaS and technology companies.

In more recent years, we have seen a trend toward public cloud offerings. Companies prefer not to lock into a single solution but have a level of diversity in their IT portfolio. In some cases, it is a decision made early on in the cloud migration process, while other times it occurs during an acquisition or merger. Regardless, we see the cloud evolving and offering benefits of a multi/hybrid cloud environments providing more significant benefits, especially as it pertains to virtual desktops. With Citrix’s desktop as a Service (DaaS) powered by Azure, we see a solution that scales quickly for clients and provides all the benefits of a local desktop without the additional hardware cost.

We know that there are always concerns when building a hybrid environment. How do you optimize an infrastructure that lives in disparate locations? This is one of the more popular questions we hear from clients. The key is to provide a single place that aggregates the various workloads and optimizes the performance. CompuData, as Citrix, sees this as the future of work. We utilize SD-WAN to maximize performance between multiple cloud and on-premise systems. This provides performance that helps make the user feel they are working as they always have in their local environment.

We have spent years optimizing performance and allowing for greater productivity, but we now desire to build a single turnkey solution that not only can allow users to work anywhere and anytime, from nearly any device, but also provide an environment of streamlined productivity. Utilizing micro-apps in Workspace with Intelligence, we plan on creating a solution that allows end-users to manage the majority of their daily activities from a single pane of glass. We want to help our clients focus on their work by removing the multiple clicks and jumps between windows. We intend to increase productivity while providing a secure, insightful, and scalable platform.

Are you ready to learn how the CompuData Cloud can help you enable end-users to execute a majority of the daily activities from a single pane of glass? CompuData Cloud evolving to create a unified workspace.

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