Customer Case Overview

PCF, a logistics service provider and distribution organization for media companies, switches to Sage Intacct Accounting Software, a SaaS accounting solution. Implementing Sage Intacct with an experienced Sage Intacct partner was crucial as well as being able to automate tasks and see data in real-time.


PCF faced many of the common problems companies begin to face with outdated legacy accounting software. Their accounting was very manual due to a lack of automation. The finance team was constantly working within Excel to produce reports and analyze data which took time, clouded insight, and could be error prone.  As a result of this manual process, reporting, billing, AR and processing times were often delayed. These were often the signs that they were outgrowing their accounting software.

PCF was using an outdated, on-premise SAP accounting software that drove them to hire additional internal SAP support staff and added on outside consulting fees to constantly update the old software. The software added significant costs to the business.

 “We needed to make a change to a system that could allow us to do things more cost-effectively and in a more timely manner without a lot of extra cost.”

Jerry Hosza, PCF Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting


PCF wanted a SaaS accounting solution that would reduce their costs.  Sage Intacct was that solution.

PCF chose CompuData as their Sage Intacct partner  because CompuData had the knowledge, expertise and took the time to drill down into their business and understand the details. Sage Intacct is an ERP SaaS accounting software recommended by the AICPA and Gartner. CompuData worked with PCF to create a customized plan for their business based on their goals.

“I would estimate our cost savings at a few hundred thousand dollars a year in switching from SAP to Sage Intacct”.


They were beyond what PCF had anticipated. PCF reduced and repurposed headcount after implementing Sage Intacct with CompuData. Also, because Intacct is so easy to use and it updates every quarter without charge, they have not needed an outside consultant.

In addition to saving several hundred thousand dollars a year, PCF has automated a lot of manual processes so they can run faster and have deeper insights that enable them to make informed decisions.

  • Client billing and AR processing time has been cut by 50% and invoices are sent out a day earlier.
  • Financial reporting is now 15-20% faster.
  • PCF reduced its transaction processing time by 20%.

As a result, the accounting and finance team now focuses on in-depth report analytics, financial trends, and providing the executive team with financial recommendations that help the company grow and become more profitable.

“Now we have data in real-time at our fingertips, so we can focus our efforts on analyzing that data and making more accurate forecasts for the next month or even the next year.”

About PCF

PCF is a periodicals distributor and Logistics Service Provider focused on distribution and the last-mile delivery needs of the high-density, high-pressure Northeast region. PCF has almost 40 years of experience completing deliveries from southern New Jersey to southern New Hampshire. We’re a family-owned business built on a philosophy of fair, firm and friendly partnerships. Every day we work to earn your trust and provide value, making it easy and affordable to do business with us.

With over 40 warehouse facilities, a tenured team of distribution experts and a vast network of delivery providers, we’ve built a reputation for getting it right or making it right every day – accurately, safely and on time.

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Author: Debbie Pfeiffer

Debbie is the Marketing Manager who brings 15 years of marketing experience, working across all departments of business. She joined CompuData in 2019 with extensive marketing and business communication experience in technology, manufacturing and professional service industries. Debbie positively approaches each day as a new opportunity.