While bracing up to an increasingly mobile workforce trend is a contributing factor for many businesses moving to the cloud today, other key motivators include the push to lower hardware costs and reduce energy bills, as well as automate processes for more scalable, intuitive and efficient business operations. By hosting Sage 100 software in the cloud, businesses – including Sage100cloud users – can extend the life of their Sage enterprise resource planning solution to increase productivity and profitability.  Let’s look at one Sage 100cloud hosting customer story:

Case in Point: As a leading fuel distributor, RelaDyne is a Sage 100cloud hosting user. RelaDyne provides select markets with fuels in loads up to transport bulk quantities as well as fuel additive products. Part of the reliability services at RelaDyne includes a suite of fueling services, known as RediFuel. The company operates 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, with a specialized fleet of trucks and equipment and on-hand fuel storage that ensures availability during emergency situations. Right now, RelaDyne is experiencing 20 percent year over year growth. Looking to scale for growth, RelaDyne migrated away from its existing data center provider to CompuData’s Cloud Hosting. One of the biggest draws in RelaDyne’s decision to leverage CompuData’s Sage Hosting was the fact that CompuData is an experienced Sage Partner with the knowledge, expertise and consultancy to best understand RelaDyne’s environment and the importance of each particular system in RelaDyne’s data center. RelaDyne’s multi-layered architecture and variety of Sage applications needed to be managed by a data center provider with proven Sage competency – particularly as RelaDyne operates 24×7 and must rely on a Sage Cloud Hosting provider to quickly respond to the company’s needs any time of the day or night.

Scaling for growth like RelaDyne? Look for a Sage 100cloud hosting partner! Sage 100cloud users have many options when it comes to selecting an ERP partner and solutions advisor to extend the life of their Sage software. Critical in this journey to the cloud for Sage users is finding the right Sage Cloud Hosting partner – but with so many choices, how do you choose the right partner? Here’s a few things to look out for if the time to scout a Sage cloud hosting partner is now.

  • Proven track record of Sage cloud hosting. Extensive knowledge of Sage software is vital. The best Sage 100 partners deliver ongoing training and support. The right ERP partner will not support your Sage Software on a selective basis – but a 24×7 partnership. ERP partners that support a methodology of training and Sage Cloud Hosting are dedicated to the business technology success of your business.
  • Sage hosting is a priority for their business. There are many companies that offer Sage 100, Sage 300,  Sage 500 and X3 hosting, for example, but how many of them are truly experts in delivering remote support, robust scalability, real-time collaboration, plus a backup and disaster recovery service with a 99.99 percent guaranteed uptime? Seek a Sage cloud hosting partner that is not only a Sage ERP expert – but also a cloud hosting expert with the expertise to tailor your cloud hosting experience to meet the security needs of your Sage ERP. Seek out a Sage certified developer that can provide the support and expertise needed to make your Sage migration to the cloud seamless – and make sure their Sage cloud hosting service is a priority component of their business.
  • They are long-term Sage partner! It is imperative the Sage ERP partner you embrace has the fortitude to be a long-term business technologies and cloud hosting partner. If your Sage ERP partner is dedicated to a long-term relationship, you will reap the benefits of optimizing your ERP solution in an increasingly cloud-friendly business environment.

As a Sage Certified Developer, CompuData can help eliminate IT overhead costs of your Sage ERP and experience reliable, secure and affordable cloud hosting with a 99.99% guaranteed uptime. With 256-bit encryption for all data in-flight, 24×7 connectivity support and incident monitoring, and bi-coastal redundancy, CompuData is the Sage ERP partner tailor made to migrate Sage solutions to the cloud. So, are you ready to move your Sage ERP to the cloud?

Author: CBIZ CompuData

CBIZ CompuData is the premier technology solutions provider for small and midsize organizations. With over 50 years of experience in delivering innovative technology solutions, we are leaders in Managed Cloud, Accounting/ERP Software, Managed IT and Cybersecurity. We offer holistic technology solutions to enable our clients to scale, protect, and streamline their organizations.