Thinking back to when your company was just starting out, QuickBooks was an easy choice for your accounting software. It is simple, easy to learn, and helps you manage your small business just the way you need. As your business began to grow and experience new levels of success, you may have noticed that QuickBooks can no longer keep up with your needs. Some of the signs that you’ve outgrown QuickBooks are prevalent, but there are others you may not even realize that could be making a negative impact on your business. For that reason, it’s important to know what signs to look for and begin planning your next steps. Limited reporting capabilities amongst other limitations can be affecting how you streamline business. It’s time to automate manual processes.

The Top 5 Signs You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks include:

  1. Limited Reporting Capabilities and No Real-Time Data
  2. Excessive Manual Processes that are Costly and Error Prone
  3. Difficultly Adapting to New Business Requirements
  4. Lack of Financial Visibility to Drive Decision Making
  5. Over-Reliance on Spreadsheets and Workarounds

Download our infographic “Is It Time to Close the Books on QuickBooks” to learn more about the tell-tale signs you should be looking for!

If you realized that your business has hit the limitations of QuickBooks and it’s functionality has diminished, taking the next step is easy. By moving to a modern, more sophisticated accounting software, your business can focus on growth and begin operating more efficiently. With a true cloud-based solution like Sage Intacct, your organization can easily automate manual processes, streamline workflows, gain unlimited flexibility, and experience significant cost savings.

Signs You've Outgrown QuickBooksMoving on from QuickBooks to an advanced accounting software is an important part of your organization’s growth and success. Additionally, it will allow your team to make more strategic business decisions moving forward.

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Author: Marisa Marozzi

Marisa is a Marketing Coordinator that has a demonstrated history of working in B2B marketing with a focus in the finance, healthcare, and technology industries. Marisa brought her passion of digital marketing and content creation to CompuData in 2019.