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Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90 ERP, Sage MAS 200 ERP, Sage MAS 200 SQL ERP) is a powerful ERP business and accounting software platform to help your business operate at its full potential. Designed for small to mid-sized businesses, Sage 100 ERP is a all-in-one solution offers various tools to target key areas of your business (financial, distribution, manufacturing, and sales). Access the data you need for your customers and employees online and offline, wherever you are. CompuData is a top Sage 100 ERP partner and Value Added Reseller (VAR), based in Philadelphia, PA. We have over 25 years of experience implementing and supporting Sage 100 ERP.

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Sage 100 Cloud Hosting

Enjoy On-Site Flexibility and Total Cloud Mobility with Sage 100

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Sage 100 ERP Product Features

Solutions for areas of your business that matter the most.

An Effective Financial Management System

Sage 100 ERP solution for accounting provides a seamless experience to lighten the load for your employees and customers. The built-in processes included in Sage 100 ERP allow for increased efficiency and can be personalized based on your business’ needs.

Accounting Features Include:

  • Electronically send bills and receive payments
  • Automatic invoice and billing processing
  • Flexible cash management with module integration
  • Check fraud security and automatically reconcile checks
  • Customizable invoices
  • eFiling and eReporting



Provide a Seamless Customer Experience

Your customers are important and they are to us as well. Sage 100 ERP software solution for sales provides a seamless experience for both your customers and your sales department. The platform offers a significant improvement on sales management to optimize sales and help build better customer relationships.

Sage 100 ERP Sales Features Include:

  • Process orders and collect payments on-site
  • Seamless integration (real-time order processing to ERP)
  • Build a quote for a customer and fulfill an order via mobile or tablet
  • Streamlined order processing

Be Informed in Real-Time

Communication is a key factor in success. In addition to keeping your staff better informed about what is happening around them, Sage 100 ERP business intelligence reporting tools give you the visibility you need to make better decisions.

Improve Business Intelligence with Sage 100 ERP:

  • Quickly access Ad-hoc inquiry, drill-down, and drill-analysis views in a visual and easy-to-read format
  • Save and load viewing formats based on your custom filters
  • Real-time monitoring for date and time-sensitive events
  • Automatic notifications on credit holds, urgency levels, client transactions, etc..
  • Background refreshing for up-to-the minute data

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Better Data. Better Results.

Analyzing data is key in making effective business decisions and as a result Sage 100 ERP offers advanced features to control and analyze the data for you to make better decisions for your business growth. It’s easier more than ever to create and design your own reports with the drap and drop features of Sage 100 ERP. Showcase the data most important to you.

Features of Sage 100 ERP for Reporting Include:

  • Utilize drag-and-drop tool to create financial reports
  • Customizable report templates
  • View and analyze reports in Excel formats
  • Real-time high-level summaries and transactions

Streamline Workflows. Create a Better Inventory Management.

Without an effective inventory management system, your business can be burdened with backlogs or worse—stock outs. Creating optimal inventory levels for your business is essential to create a cost efficient business. Sage 100 ERP offers various tools to help your business maintain a healthy workflow and ensure that all inventory is accurately tracked and processed. Streamline your workflow to improve productivity with Sage 100 ERP.

Sage 100 ERP Distribution Solutions Include:

  • Optimization on distribution workflow
  • Streamline orders with personalized entry
  • Automatic ordering and batch entry
  • Track and bill orders currently in process
  • Manage multiple warehouses
  • Bar code processing

Work Smarter and Easier

Sage 100 ERP is equipped with manufacturing solutions that are focused on simplifying and speeding up your business work process. Whether your manufacturing process is made-to order, assemble-to-order, or engineer-to-order, Sage 100 ERP has modules target the key factors that run your operations.

Sage 100 ERP Manufacturing Solutions Include:

  • Issue work orders or track costs in real-time
  • Evaluate costs and changes with easy to assemble reports
  • Create and maintain bill of reports
  • Expand and collapse view of reports for analysis
  • Smart material projection for growth

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