All our healthcare workers and first responders are true essential heroes; putting their lives at risk to save the life of another. Then there’s the pandemic essential workers who support our families and economy through – manufacturing and distributing essential parts and supplies, those who keep other essential businesses up and running and more. Some pandemic essential workers can work remotely while others cannot. They are all sustaining the essentials to keep the economy going.

Many of our customers are pandemic essential workers and have been making strides supporting our community in big ways during this fight against Covid-19. Please see below some of their stories and join us in giving them an essential thanks!

RLS Logistics

Each week during this crisis, they have been delivering 12.4 million pounds of food to help feed the US in these uncertain, unprecedented times. Click here for facts they shared on food safety.


The company plays a critical role in the supply chain for industrial and high purity gas production and distribution. At present, medical oxygen is in high demand due to use with Covid-19 infected patients in the ICU.

Tiger’s laser-based H2O analyzers have helped their customers produce medical oxygen faster and more efficiently while maintaining high quality standards.


With the Covid-19 infectious outbreaks, cleanliness and hygiene matter more than ever. Our client, PBS, works closely with its clients to help them meet the requirements for a public health infectious outbreak program so they have peace of mind that their buildings are safe.

PBS also supports Cleaning for a Reason, a non-profit foundation that provides no cost home cleaning services to women coping with cancer. The foundation has supported over 4,000 women since its inception, and can boast a house cleaning every 36 minutes.


SnapCab is developing and refining an isolation booth for patients and virus testing to keep healthcare workers safe. That’s a fantastic way to leverage their considerable skills in design and manufacturing of workspaces. SnapCab is looking for additional feedback from healthcare professionals so if you can comment and contribute, please check them out here

Star Label

With the onset of COVID-19 there has been an increased demand for labeling in the pharmaceutical, medical device and food & beverage industries. Star Label Products has been keeping up with the demand and requirements of their customers during this pandemic. Products range from labels for testing kits, hand sanitizers and all of the food & beverage products imaginable.

To ensure the accuracy of all labels, they produce in a segregated production center which includes a single printing press isolated in its own room and an adjacent isolated space with a rewinding and inspection machine. The company also has another 10 printing presses to support the needs of any client that comes to them with a request.  Correct labeling is critical, so their process uses state-of-the-art quality control technology that scans every label to verify that each is correct so that end users and manufacturers are all safe.

Give Essential Thanks to our Essential Workers and Essential Heroes 

We will be sharing the stories of our customers and how they are impacting our communities. Please join us on LinkedIn at: in giving them an essential thanks!

CompuData is proud to support our customers to ensure business continuity.

From our essentials heroes, to our essential workers, and everybody working and fighting to get rid of COVID-19; we are all in this together.

Author: Debbie Pfeiffer

Debbie is the Marketing Manager who brings 15 years of marketing experience, working across all departments of business. She joined CompuData in 2019 with extensive marketing and business communication experience in technology, manufacturing and professional service industries. Debbie positively approaches each day as a new opportunity.