Moving beyond quickbooks

Moving Beyond QuickBooks Software

A huge number of small and mid-sized businesses adopted the use of QuickBooks to track the finances of their young businesses. However, many of these young businesses soon realized that to manage the business, they needed a more robust financial management solution. They needed a solution with the ability to plan, procure, produce, distribute, and sell.

The limitations of QuickBooks quickly piled up to include:

  • Lack of scalability
  • Narrow visibility
  • Limited functionality and difficult integrations
  • Lack of deep industry capabilities

Moving from a point solution such as QuickBooks to an integrated solution for today’s global marketplace is like moving from building things one at a time to the assembly line. Cloud-deployed Epicor ERP is specifically designed for manufacturers and distributors looking to upgrade operations and meet the business requirements of today’s rapidly changing global marketplace. Download the full white paper now to learn how you can drive your manufacturing growth to new levels.

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